Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So this one time I went to Trinity with some friends ... yes I have a few ... but only the few I can stand! :) It was a glorious night, the Friday after my last final was over with.   My only goal that night was to shake my bootey off, obtain at least one blister, hopefully get inappropriately groped, and get my drink on!  Just kidding about the blister btw ... nobody likes those .. everything else is completely appropriate!    :P Celebration of my first quarter of nursing school completion was a must and it was going down that night!  Woot Woot!

Trinity has a professional photographer that goes around snapping black mail ... I mean beautiful photographs of all the drunkards.  My friends and I just happened to be in two!  I will admit I have a history with the photographer ... and by history I mean he loves me.  He doesn't know my name but he loves me.  Yes, I'm that good.  :)  My last outing to Trinity, he followed myself and my bestie around taking a multitude of photos of us ... we're photogenic what can I say? Lol!

I thought I'd show off the photos he took because well ... they are kinda something in the middle of being awesome and super awesome.  I'm available for autographs ... just saying.



The group one is my favorite, I feel like it's an advertisement for The Breakfast Club or perhaps Friends.  Mah-valous wouldn't you agree?

Besos!  Go.Be.Love

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lola's And The Bestie

So today was a fabulous day!!  Why you ask?  Well I shall tell!  My day started out spending it with one of my oldest bestie, Sheree.  (not by age ... but by how long we've been friends ... hmm wholly craptasticness ... I think its been like 23 years!! Really? Sheree is this right?)  Heart that girl!  We went out to breakfast at a very yummy restaurant named Lola.  I definitely recommend this place!  Everything on my plate was tasty ... I shoveled ... I mean ate my food in the most ladylike way.  May I recommend the Greek breakfast (mine) or the Eggs Benedict (Sheree's).  We even had some fresh donuts to enjoy before our breakfast ... reminded me of my Spain homeland!  Before you proceed to my breakfast pics ... keep your face away from the keyboard ... you know so you don't drool on it :)


After our uh-mazing breakfast we took a stroll ... remind you our belly's are full ... to The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.  As if I couldn't possibly get any fuller I needed to add a little cupcake goodness to feed my food baby.  This cupcake shop is by far my favorite out of all the cupcake shops in Seattle ... yes I have been to many ... duh.  I partook in a caramel macchiato cupcake and bought a pancake and bacon cupcake to go ... for my man friend, Tyler.  He loves bacon what can I say? Lol!


Isnt it the cutest?! So cute!!  After many hours of fabulous conversation we said our goodbyes ... sniffle ... and I was heading to Auburn to meet up with another pal, Tammi.  I had a date with "Breaking Dawn".  If you don't know what "Breaking Dawn" is I'm shocked .... SHOCKED!  One word:  "Twilight"  Now do you know?  I know, I know usually I'm the crazy woman in her 30's waiting in line with all the teenagers on opening night when the new "Twilight" movies come out.  Unfortunately for me I had a little thing called nursing school getting in my way.  So I had to wait.  Yes, wait.  DISLIKE.

My review of this movie?  Flippin fantastic!  Every time a new movie in the series comes out it gets better and better.  Thank goodness!  I cannot wait for the final one to come out next year ... eek!!  :)  Not gonna lie ... makes me want to read the series for the 4th ... lol ... who am I kidding 5th time.  Don't judge.

Sigh, such a full and amazing day!  I hope you had an amazing day too!  Till next time!

Besos!  Go.Be.Love

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free At Last

Free at last, free at last, thank gawd almighty I'm free at last! Woot woot!! First quarter of nursing school is officially over and winter break has officially begun. I am filling my calendar fast ... translation? Call me!! Lol!

I can say this quarter was intense and it's only the beginning. It's hard to wrap my head around that it is only going to get harder from here on out but ... I ... can ... do ... this! One thing I've gained from this first quarter of nursing school? Weight...bloody weight...yes readers the freshman 15 does really exist and it just so happened to take 4 years of college for mine to hit. Dang nursing school stress! Oh ... and guarantee I will be working out like a crazy person this break. Yes, CRAZY person! You know how I am.

Hmm, changes in my life? You betcha! I've decided to move out of my bffl's house early. Why? Well in April it would be a year that I have been living with them, a year! Can you believe it! They need their space and I need mine. Nursing school is tough and my bffl deserves her office back ... now I have the time to move whereas in April I will be in the thick of nursing school and can't even fathom the thought of moving! Ick! I hate moving!

Moving this time scares me and excites me at the same time. I feel like I'm ready yet also feel like I'm leaving the nest for the first time! Lol! Erin and her family have been such an amazing and strong support system for me that I am sad to leave. It's time and I of course will see them again but ... sniffle ... sniffle ... it's still a bitter sweet moment for me.

So where the heck am I moving to? Good question! I have two, yes two options. First option is to move in with my friend, Skip. He just bought a house in Buckley and offered up a room. But it's in Buckley, and like Enumclaw, far away from everything and everyone! Second option is to find a one bedroom apartment. Second option is more expensive than living with Skip, so the savings account will be depleted very quickly, but there's something to say about having your own space. I also worry about my dogs being alone all day, especially next quarter I will be gone for even more. My boys have been spoiled with constant lovins at Erin's house so it'll be an adjustment for them. There is also the whole "apartment living" issue ... being a single woman living alone is a little scary. Especially since what I can afford isn't in the greatest areas. Ugh decisions, decisions. I will let you know what I decide!

I've attached some random pics taken in the last few months ... enjoy them in no particular order! (The black and white one is crazy looking, yet I really like it! Thanks Kim!)

Besos!  Go.Be.Love


Thursday, December 1, 2011

6 days

That's right...6 days until I'm free! FREE! Did I mention I will be FREE! From nursing school that is! Two tests in the way of freedom...which I will spank and take their names BTW. Sigh...wish me luck on those last finals!

I remember back in the summer I was actually a little bored before nursing school started, I look back with such longing now. Awe the good ole days! :) School has been good ... I don't worry so much about what grade I'm getting ... I only worry about passing and not killing anyone. Which are two very important goals wouldn't you agree? I think of how busy I was, and it's only quarter one...the upcoming ones are about to get busier. Not too sure how it is possible, guess I will find out shortly!

My clinicals have been an experience ... I know that in my nursing career I will be faced with all sorts of fluids ... you know like urine, feces, emesis (fancy word for vomit) blood, and more. However, this nursing student does not prefer feces, emesis, or urine. If I gotta deal with it then I'm ready ... I can take it ... however not my preference....oh and I also don't like super dry flaky skin. Brrrfff.... that's the sound of me vomiting in my mouth a little bit. Flashback to flaky skin earlier this week ... quick change of subject...

However, what I do really like is endoscopy! I got to watch this cool procedure last week....awesome!! It's a peg tube insertion....you should watch it! :) Maybe I will work there someday! We'll see!

Well followers that's all I've got for tonight, I'm super tired! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Oh I will blog about mine soon! In 6 days to be exact!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Adele and Updates

Okay so seriously I cannot get enough of her! I've been a huge fan since her first album 19 arrived...and she is my go to girl for when I want to drink wine and chill ... awe heck who am I kidding...I will listen to her whenever! However, tonight is the night before my pharmacology test and I'm overwhelmed at 11:03 p.m. I've thrown in the towel, grabbed a glass of wine (ok several), and turned on Adele. Sigh!

So it's blog confessional time ... it's been awhile, sorry followers! Nursing school is CRAZY ... did I mention it's CRAZY!? It's only the first quarter and I'm looking at the road ahead and wondering am I crazy? This is by far the hardest thing I've ever done! Sigh.

I'm in a constant state of anxiety and freaked about if I will make it to quarter #2! This program is tough ... hats off to all the nurses out there because it's not an easy road! If you know a nurse ... hug them :)

Okay enough of my student freak out....back to Adele. Here are my favorites right now:

All of her songs get me, but this one especially....

Someone Like You

And this one, performace from Glee and its A M A Z I N G!!


Sigh...heart her!! Hmm, what else can I tell you about my "June" happenings? Well maybe I will make a list ... yes I think I should ... I'm good at those! Lol!

#1: Divorce is final ... yes it's bittersweet for sure. When I received my paperwork from the judge I wasn't sure if I was to celebrate or cry ... in fact I did a little bit of both. Divorce is a crazy thing, I know in my heart I made the right decision but it still stings a little bit.

Divorce situation ... it's a sticky beast and am looking forward to putting it behind me. Nursing school has definitely been the hardest thing I've ever done, but a divorce? Lordy ... that's the most emotionally challenging thing I've ever dealt with. I've felt a little bi-polar throughout it all but I see the light FINALLY at the end of the tunnel and it's nice :)

Ian is moving on and has a new girlfriend ... and she has a baby! Gasp...a baby! Seriously ?!? In a way it makes me laugh and cry at the same time. How many years did I take his guilt trips and negativity towards having a family, well flat out verbal lashings...then he dates someone with a baby...shank me now! When I discovered this I'm not gonna lie...it really hurt. However, I'm glad he has moved on. He needs too, and maybe it took me leaving to realize what he wants in his life.

I have to say that this divorce has made me stronger. I'm able to breath again. I'm back to my old self...and I've missed her.

#2: Any new boy stories? Lol you betcha! When I'm asked "June, how is your love life?" well my new response is "Always have one" ... lol we'll need a drink to talk about those happenings! Sorry blog followers, some dirt is better in person :P

#3: I miss my Spaniard ... sigh...alot! Yes ... by Spaniard I mean my friend Alberto. I never really thought I could miss someone as much as I miss that boy! He just gets me! Plus with being so busy in nursing school, and his own family struggles, our weekly Skype sessions are very diminished and it makes it really hard. Sigh.

I love that my future is finally anything that I want it to be; it's exciting and terrifying all in one! So stay tuned because I'm sure there will be many entertaining things ... and perhaps maybe not so entertaining things to read about my future happenings.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And It Begins

Nursing school that is! My first official day was on Monday, Sept 19th! Eek! Can you believe that it is here already? I have to admit, so far so good! I'm sure its a ploy from the program, make you think its not so shabby then torture you the remainder of the year! 2 days in and I already have 4 chapters to read, a long list of vocab to memorize and an essay due! Fun incoming!

So today is the day I will do most of it and then at 3pm I have a interview for a nursing assistant position here in Enumclaw. Not super excited for the job, but its a job and it'd be nice to have a little fundage, especially since I will be having my own place soon.

I will let you know how it goes! Back to the books for now!! Besos!!

PS. I got to make out all day in class yesterday! Granted they were dummies, and it was so I could be CPR certified....but still I got a little action from some rubber men and it's the most action this girl has seen in awhile! Can you tell I'm in need of some lovin? :P Lol!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Up The Creek With A Paddle!

Okay it wasn't really a creek, it was Lake Union and at some point we were going against the current ... so it kinda works? :P So I tried paddle boarding for the first time yesterday and all I have to say is it was SOOOOO much fun! Hold on, let me repeat myself....SOOOOO much fun! Times like that are when I wish I lived somewhere warm and sunny all the time within walking distance to a nearby lake or ocean. Seriously this is one hobby that I would love to do every day!

Kristen flew in town from San Diego so we spent the whole day in Seattle, just relaxing and having a blast! I love that Kristen loves to be active because usually we will always partake in some sort of activity when she is home! We had Thai food at Jai Thai, drank at Brouwer's Cafe, went paddle boarding and even indulged in some local organic chocolate. In so many words, the day was heavenly! Mmm chocolate!

Have you ever had the chocolate at Theo chocolates in the Fremont area? Heaven!! They had the most creative and unique flavor chocolate I've tasted! The best part? It's the only organic, and free trade chocolate factory in the US...which makes it awesometastic for my taste pallet!


Brouwer's Cafe, home of many, many, many different brews to enjoy! Yum!


Jai Thai ... ok so here is where the "foodie" in me comes out, apparently they have a great reputation for the best Thai food in Seattle. Maybe it was the dishes that Kristen and I had, but they were very similar and only "okay". I had the Country Curry and Kristen had the Phad Phak. I am always open to giving places another chance, especially because what we had was good it just wasn't what we were expecting. The Country Curry, I assumed would be thick and heavy like normal curry dishes but it was a lot different...soupish. You know how it is when you have a craving and an idea on how a dish should be then you get it and its completely different? Yep my experience.


Next up, the hobby that heals my soul ... paddle boarding!! $15 for one hour at Northwest Outdoor Center, can't beat that!


Hope you've been enjoying the sunshine as much as I have been!

Besos! Go.Be.Love

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So my little joy, Kosta, turned 5 in August! Eeek! 5 years old already ... where did the time go? Seriously my ovaries ache over this fact and I'm just his Aunt, imagine how Anna feels! Not to mention he starts kindergarten on Thursday and don't even get me started on that little fact! Sigh ... my joy is growing up!

Some photo memories from the day! Enjoy!


Mmmm, cake ....


Besos! Go.Be.Love

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NYC ... Italian Men Heaven

So first let me just say this ... can the Italian men in NYC being any hotter? Seriously when I left I told my sister-in-law, Anna, to frequent a nearby restaurant because I spotted such a hottie on my last day there! Oh.Yes.I.Did! Maybe it's an accent thing ... this girl loves a hot accent! Mwah!

I arrived in NYC, exhausted, sad, happy, frazzled ... let's just say I was experiencing emotion overload! Lol! Awe the joys of being a women ... girls you know what I'm talking about here! I was so excited to see my family, I missed them so much! Plus, they are my people! In an emotional state you really need your people to surround you with their goodness and support!

Anna, Olga, and my nephew Yiakos greeted me with big smiles when I arrived ... sigh ... was so glad to see their comforting faces! We immediately entered into New York traffic and headed back to Anna's parents home located in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn. Anna's parents are so wonderful, her mom had coffee and breakfast ready for me every morning ... so sweet! Her dad and I shared many mornings with coffee in hand chatting, mainly him trying to convince me to move to New York. It was pretty funny and cute, I think he figured if he could get me to move to New York then maybe Ben and Anna would move as well! Heart! Oooh ... lol ... one of the ways he was trying to convince me was telling me that the men in New York are the best!


Anna and I walked around the Bay Ridge area, sightseeing and shopping ... oh and of course frequently my love ... Starbucks! When I was in New York they were going through a heat wave at this time ... yes it was hotter than Spain! And don't get me started on the humidity! I was swollen in Spain but in New York I was even more swollen if you can believe it! It was lovely waking up in the morning trying to figure out what to wear when all your clothes fit extremely tight ... argh! Instead of walking around NYC to see some of the sites, I bought ferry tour tickets for myself, Anna and the little ones. It was a nice cool ride around the bridges, ground zero and the statue of liberty! The way to see them especially during a heat wave ... the breeze from the water felt so amazing!


My loves! I just heart my familia! Faces like this make my heart happy:


Pictures from my NYC Adventures:


This bakery was amazing! You could smell it from blocks away! Another perk? Hot Italian men worked there ... and boy were they "workin it!" :P


My friend, from Bonney Lake, (Tiegan) moved to NYC probably 7 years ago or so ... of course when in New York you gotta visit your pals! It was so nice to see her and catch up, seriously had been way to long!! Heart her! Oh and see how swollen my face is? Yeah ... should I even be pointing that out? Lol!


After several days in NYC it was time to end my stay and board another plane for Arizona! For my last day in Brooklyn we decided I couldn't leave without having lunch at Nathan's ... known for their hot dogs! So filling my belly with a yummy hot dog I was ready to say goodbye to Anna and her familia! They were so great and kind to me ... my extended familia and I love it!

Unfortunately even though I was ready to leave NYC, NYC wasn't ready to let me go. There was so much traffic on the way to the airport that I missed my first flight which as you know for me ... Miss Always On Time ... it made me a little crazy, but I was able to get on another flight so I shrugged it off as a "it is what it is" moment. So I settled in at my gate with a soothing white mocha and decided to ease my nerves with a little E-reading heaven.

My flight was scheduled to leave NYC at 5:30 pm ... and as you know they usually allow for boarding a lot earlier, which wasn't happening with this flight. I attempted to check with the attendant at the boarding gate 2 times, but apparently there was a bigger crisis and she told me I'd have to wait until she was done dealing with it before she could answer any of my questions. Rudeness! So I patiently waited, slowly getting nervous because it was 5:27pm ... and no word on what the hold up was. I checked the teleprompter about a million times, I was at the right gate with the right flight ... at least that was comforting so I thought.

I went up a 3rd time to the counter to see what the hold up was and the attendant finally tells me that my flight was moved to Gate 1 (I was at Gate 5) .... uh excusey?! Gate 1! Wholly freak-out!! I ran .... I mean ran ... to Gate 1 and the plane had just taken off! I was so upset! Seriously big mistake on Delta's part! I literally lost it! Lol! I went up to the counter again to get my flight changed and the soonest they could change my flight was for the following day! I couldn't believe it! Missing 2 flights in one day?! Had to be some sort of a record!

So I called Anna through my tears to tell her to come back and get me that I was to be in NYC for another night! I was stressed, my luggage was on it's way to Arizona ... all my memories were in that bag so you can imagine my OCD that night knowing that my luggage would be sitting in Arizona just praying someone wouldn't steal it! Luckily, I was able to check online that my luggage was grabbed in Phoenix and on hold for me .... PHEW!

Another sweet Anna's mom moment, with no pj's to sleep in, she managed to have some brand new bloomer style pj's for me to sleep in that night! So cute! Check out how styling I was! (Side note, not the cutest pic of me but what ev ... with the good also comes the bad!)


Awe, the joys of traveling! Many memories to last a lifetime! Anna is the best, and I'm so glad that she is a part of my life! She was definitely such a support and rock for me in NYC, thank you for keeping this girl sane! Love you!

Next stop: Phoenix, Arizona

PS - I got to my next day flight super early and actually got on the plane! Yay!

Besos! Go.Be.Love

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Final Days

Un mapa of Toledo (in Spain duh! Not to be confused perhaps with Toledo, OH?):

View Larger Map

Well folks, these are my final days in Spain ... insert snotty sniffling nose yet once again! So after my down right embarrassing cry fest on my bus ride from Zaragoza back to Madrid, I was going to relax and finally buy my souvenirs. Yes I waited till the very end to do such a chore, don't get me wrong a girl likes to do her shopping but not so much when it comes to souvenir shopping. For starters, souvenir selections can be quite boring and second souvenirs are expensive! But it is what it is and after much deliberation I will admit I purchased the best souvenirs money could buy ... haha literally!

My final days in Spain, which was only 2 days ... eek! Gee, really 2 days left? It seemed like yesterday when I arrived looking ahead at the next 17 days I was going to be spending there thinking I had soooo much time! Time flies! My plan was to spend the time in Madrid Friday, then Saturday visit Toledo, then Sunday I would be up super early to board my flight to NYC. I just knew it'd go by so fast and I tried so desperately to remember every moment of my time here.

My B-BBFL (aka boy best friend for life :P BFFL courtesy of Meglet, my 8 yo roomie) Daniel, met up with me in Toledo and we set out exploring this cute small city. This city was quite cute, and the streets were made of cobblestone and once again like a maze wherever you turned. This day felt exceptionally scorching hot, perhaps it was where Toledo was located, but Daniel and I were so hot and sweaty ... yet another not so glamorous hair day!


I bet your wondering about the bottom right picture, well it was only bound to happen ... I was arrested by a hot and delicious Spaniard policia hunk ... its true ... I mean, doesn't everyone get to bring their camera in their jail cell with them? :P

I liked Toledo, and I probably would have enjoyed it way more if it wasn't so stinking hot! The whole time in Spain I was a trooper and didn't complain about the heat because after all it is what it is. However, that day I was definitely complaining because it was sweltering! I was glad to see this cute city but was also very glad to get on the air conditioned bus back to Madrid. So long Toledo! Thanks for the great memories!




See the bottom right picture again? Lol ... really I am a law breaker! That was an "illegal" photo inside a church in Toledo ... I'm hardcore. I hated having to pay euros to enter churches, so I figured I'm gonna get one picture since I paid money to enter ... come on! Do they really expect less? Shoot, for the entry fee they might as well throw in a complementary glass of red vino ... because seriously Jesus drank wine ... just sayin.

Daniel and I decided that on my last day in Madrid it was necessary to finally eat me some Mexican food while in Spain ... because that's what everyone thinks they eat in Spain! Lol :P This Mexican restaurant was super cute! The margaritas weren't as "grande" as this girl prefers but still quite yummy! The rim was coated with a chili salt ... uber num! Daniel and I shared some nachos and fajitas, and my foodie review of this place? Definitely cute and loved the atmosphere but come on, we live in Washington where there are Mexican restaurants on every corner like Starbucks. Frankly we are also spoiled because we have really good Mexican food ... and I've been to Arizona where there is even better Mexican food. So if you must eat Mexican food in Spain be prepared to be disappointed in the food, it's only so-so .... I'd rather be drinking sangria and partaking in yummy tapas instead. After all, when in Spain do as the Spaniards do!


But seriously cute right? So colorful and so many fun things to look at! They probably thought I was crazy taking so many pictures of this place!!


After Mexican food, I had to stop at our favorite Tapa Bar before leaving Spain. The waiter was cute to look at and the drinks were delicious ... so off we went to have some drinks ... oh and we also had to track down the Cola Coa hot chocolate! Had to bring some of that deliciousness home with me!


I honestly don't know where the time went on my final day in Spain, Daniel and I wandered, filled our belly's and ended up at McDonald's at the end of the day. I know, I know, McDonald's?! Honestly, the McDonald's in Spain was always super busy and they actually had different menu items than our McDonald's. Let me clarify something, this girl doesn't eat McDonald's unless its an ice cream cone ... my body + McDonald's = unhappy stomach so I stay clear of fast food. Not my cup of tea. However, when in Spain it is very interesting to see the cultural differences between our main stream fast food and theirs. Their menu consisted of Spanish style salads (my favorite style...been making them at home ever since I've been back!), beer, and pastries. They actually had a whole separate section in McDonald's dedicated to pastries and other baked goodness...num! What brought me to McDonald's this particular night was the fact that they serve beer, and I just had to order some for myself! I mean come on, beer in McDonald's? Lol ... serve it up por favor!


It had been a long day of walking and it was time to end my day with a goodbye to my B-BBFL, I know I'd see him once he returned but it was so nice having so much time with him. I felt like we were in Spain experiencing such great moments together, I wish I could have stayed and wandered more with him! I was going to miss him for the next couple months! Thank goodness for Skype!

I didn't get much sleep that night because I was going to be up early and I wanted to attempt to sleep on the flight to NYC. (Haha who am I kidding? I never can sleep on an airplane! So annoying!) I packed up all my stuff, jammed it into my overflowing luggage and rode the metro to the airport ... I am so glad I gave myself so much time because let me tell you, the Madrid airport is ginormous! It took me forever just to figure out where to go and where my flight check in point was at!

So there you have it folks, my journey through Spain! So many great memories and people along the way that I will forever hold a spot in my heart for this beautiful country! I can't wait for the day when I can visit this country again, or as I refer to it now as my future homeland ... I think I can make it happen, just watch!

Next stop: NYC

Besos! Go.Be.Love


Un mapa of Zaragoza:

Zaragoza, the windy city as I referred to it! It was blow you over windy when I arrived...adding more to the non-cuteness of my hairdo! lol! What was the most interesting about the weather on my travels was it was different everywhere! Yes there was the heat but it would be super windy or super hot or super chill depending on where you went....and the weather could change drastically from a location only a couple hours away! Here you have to drive up into the mountains or drive to the other side of the mountains to see any real weather change!

Zaragoza is my kind of city! Not too crazy chaotic like Barcelona or Madrid but just big city enough where you still had your amazing shopping, but it didn't feel hectic. Most importantly I totally could see myself living there, it had such a "homey" feeling! People were super nice in Zaragoza and the city is really beautiful! Yes, I can see you shaking your head at me now thinking "its only because your friend lives there!" OK, there is the part of me that loved it because of him, but I really loved the other beautiful details this city had to offer. The history, the river, cute side cobblestone streets, friendly people, fun bars, surrounded by mountains, and so easy to maneuver around! Another thing I loved about this city was the parks, amazing huge parks!! A difference from here to there is people are always outside doing stuff, especially in their parks! Walking, running, riding bikes, chilling at a cafe and more. Sigh, my kind of life!

My first night in Zaragoza I stayed at the hotel located in the bus station called Husa Puerta de Zaragoza. Really nice hotel, it felt like a mini studio apartment ... loved it! Plus it was insanely convenient, I got off my bus, went up the escalator right to the front of the hotel entrance. Talk about convenience and it wasn't a bad price either ... very centrally located within walking distance to the mall and the downtown area.


(Yes, you are seeing correctly, that is a motorcycle helmet on my bed ... Alberto drove us all around on his motorbike and it was soooo much fun!!) After settling into my hotel, I was hungry! So I wandered out to the nearby mall, and thought I'd take a look to see what it offered in the food selection when low and behold I found this restaurant: Restaurante Casa Alberto! Lol, yes I'm aware I'm cheesy and only ate here because it shared the same name as my friend ... and after all I was in Zaragoza visiting him, seemed appropriate! The food not so shabby, and the sangria ... super stiff! For the first time in my Spain restaurant experiences this waiter was the first I encountered who didn't speak any English, thankfully for the handy pocket size dictionary I carried, I was able to struggle through some sort of kindergarten conversation with him! Lol :P He was my age and probably enjoyed my attempts ... hey I wore a big smile on my face and laughed my way through it ... word to the wise both of those two things helps when you are traveling. People seem to like you and want to help you more!


After dinner, I met up with Alberto for my grand tour throughout his city. We visited a huge park then walked around part of the downtown area that is still a work in progress! The buildings were beautiful and with the lights it looked amazing at night. The crazy thing about the buildings lit up were that they were empty. The city started on these buildings right before the economy tanked, like here, so right now they are kinda on hold until things with the economy get better. Sound like a familiar story? The buildings are designed for offices, shops and night clubs. Also surrounding the buildings are small parks, a water rafting area and more. Once it's fully complete and alive with merchants and offices it will be such an amazing area! Side note, the blue building in the top right picture is in the shape of a rain drop ... love the structures! (Maybe it'll be done before the Olympics in 2022 - they want to host the Olympics at that time.)


After dinner and a late night of exploring I went back to my hotel for some needed sleep because the next day I was going to put more miles on my feet and really explore this city! Alberto was working but was getting off at 3pm which gave me time to hang out and really explore his city. One of the main plaza's in Zaragoza, Plaza del Pilar, holds many cathedrals and churches. Speaking of which, check out this webcam shot that shows part of this plaza ... toot my horn because I'm kinda impressed that I found this! I've mentioned this before, but really I love that they have Plaza's! It is so helpful in finding your way around the cities, if you can find a Plaza then you know where you are ... awesome!! This plaza was really nice and clean, lots of shopping and history!



I love that there is a huge river in this city! I love water and find myself happier when I'm near it. Once Alberto was off work we jumped on his motorbike to pick up his car because we were going to be getting on the nearby highway to travel to another amazing castle!


Next stop on my Zaragoza day was the Castillo Loarre, my favorite! So huge and beautiful, and was actually showcased in a Los Estados Unidos movie "Kingdom of Heaven". Side movie review, I attempted to watch this movie when I was in Phoenix (trip after Spain) and it wasn't happening ... lost interest super fast. I'd say check it out but I'd hate for you to waste the moolah. Google this castle because it was so beautiful, it is located up in the mountains with an amazing view of the local city by the same name. Absolutely breathtaking scenery and the sky seemed to be so much bluer than normal ... could be my imagination or my love for this country ... my votes on the latter.




After this amazingly beautiful and enriching day :P we headed back to the city for dinner (always delicious!) then bed ... it was a long day and very late! This day was a little sad for me because this was my last full day to spend will my friend ... insert tear and a runny nose ... the next morning at 7am I was leaving to board the bus and head to my next destination : Madrid. The only thing that made it somewhat better was that Alberto would be meeting me in the morning for my goodbye.

Awaking super early the next day, Alberto arrived and we went and had breakfast. I had my usual cafe con leche with a chocolate croissant and Alberto a mug of Cola Cao (I remember that because it was probably the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted! I actually bought a container of it in Madrid to bring home with me and yes I've partaken in several cups since then!) Then the sad departure time came, I was so emotional! If I could have stuffed Alberto in my luggage I would have tried ... but as it was it was bursting at the seams ... crap! Mental note for next time, leave enough room to store a body ... lol ... sounds like something way worse! I boarded the bus, very very reluctantly, and as soon as I sat down I placed my sunglasses over my eyes and shed a multiple number of tears. Poor Spanish grandma next to me had no idea what to do with me! It was a long ride back to Madrid and a million pages written in my journal of my time in Zaragoza.

My friendships have been so important to me in this stage of my life, and he is such an important friend to me right now that I can't see my future without him in it ... even with him a country away! Heart that boy ... dangit!

Next stop: My final days in Madrid...

Besos! Go.Be.Love

Barcelona - Week 2 beginnings

Un mapa of Barcelona:

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Awe Barcelona, where to begin? How about I pick up where I left off, when Alberto had to leave and go back to Zaragoza. My hotel in Barcelona was called Hotel Pelai, centrally located with tons of shopping and restaurants around. Plus my favorite tapa restaurant I found was right around the corner, even better!!

So the next 2 days I would be completely solo in Barcelona, and as you know I needed to make a plan because if I didn't well...the mind wanders and I was already having troubles reigning that one in! I wandered around Barcelona that evening, first stop to the plaza Espana. It actually was quite nice, at that same time there was a huge Harley Davidson parade and festival going on so I was surrounded by bikers left and right. Kinda funny to me...Harley Davidson in Spain? I guess it makes sense seeing that Barcelona is known and very proud for their "motorbike" city! But still, I think Los Estados Unidos when I see Harley Davidson!

I wandered aimlessly and viewed the Olympic area and at the same time a rugby game was going, on so I took a break to view the hot men...I mean...watch the intense game of rugby! The weather in Barcelona, I thought, was a tad cooler than Madrid. In the evening, I actually had to put on the only pair of jeans I brought, and a shirt with sleeves...gasp...I know! A shirt with sleeves, hadn't worn one of those since I left Seattle! The very few pics of me were taken by strangers, they would ask me to take their photo so to return the favor I had them take mine! After all, I needed a little proof I was actually there! :)


I really enjoyed my stay in Barcelona, my nights were similar to my nights in Madrid. After I'd go out at night for dinner I would come back and plant this Americana bootey in the lobby, made friends with the night workers, while drinking cervezas or popping open a bottle of wine! Dinner was at a yummy tapa restaurant called Celler de Tapas. I ate dinner their both nights in Barcelona because their menu was huge and so delicious! Just look past the frizzy hair and greasy face pictures...the humidity was not my friend...even with the multiple attempts to look cute, dang impossible I tell you!! I don't know how those Spaniard girls do it ... must ... learn ... their ... secrets!


One night while I was enjoying a cold cerveza, and a red velvet cupcake, I befriended a French man (forgot his name...however I remember very distinctively his hotness!) who gave me the best tip ever for my stay in Barcelona. I was at first just going to use the tour buses where you pay way too much money but the positive thing is they take you exactly where you want to go, and it gives you the history behind wherever you visit. Seriously the prices on that was $60+ euros for half days and full days....and not too mention you had to be back on the bus at a certain time. Uh no thanks! He told me about the Barcelona tour buses that have a "hop on, hop off" system, plus they have a ton of bus stops all over Barcelona - just as many as the normal bus stops! To purchase a 2 day pass, $22 euros! Uh hello, hands down the best deal ever because they had stops at all the major tourist sights and you could take as long as you wanted. If you don't mind walking a little bit and reading a map you are completely set to experience the sites! Both Madrid and Barcelona are very easy to navigate thru! I swore it was easier for me to navigate in this foreign country than Seattle sometimes! Mental note....I need to visit France....total hotties there! No seriously, I'm not lying! I met several French men and they were all very pleasant on the eyes! The Frenchman I met in my hotel, on my first official solo night, I asked him to hang with me but sadly he was leaving back the next day ... he also thought I was from England! I make friends wherever I go, and between me and you ... he was totally crushed not to hang out with me! It's true, his steamy blues gave him away! :P


See that cute pink Vespa? Yep, totally want one of those! If I lived in Spain you know I would definitely own one of those, maybe even put a basket on the back for my boys ... then it would be officially "Junified!" Some of my favorites in Barcelona were the churches (always), Park Guell, and the beaches!! One my first day, the sun was shining and it was super hot so I made the mental note to bring my bikini the next day to enjoy the beach. That was going to be the day I was going to make history ... I was going to go ... brace yourself ... topless! Yep, topless! Unfortunately for all the Spaniards the next day was cloudy, so my tatas did not make the grand appearance... some hearts were broken that day.


The Sagrada Familia was an amazing church, some say that it won't be complete till 2026! Come on! Really, 2026?! It's an amazing building for sure, and just like many other churches that I had visited, it is really overwhelming to be inside such a building with grandeur and history. My favorite to do while visiting such churches is to relax on a church bench and take the time to write in my journal, very therapeutic.


Isn't it crazy how much detail this building has? My pictures definitely don't do this building any justice, my advice is to Google this building because you will be amazed by it's grandeur and details!


Do you see the picture on the top left? The one with the water and the no swimming sign in front? That made me laugh out loud because the water was maybe a foot deep ... really they had to post a sign to tell people not to swim in it? I think its a given! Awe the little things that make me smile! The bottom left picture of me in the pink dress is another memorable moment, apparently I was too indecent to go into the church behind me, they had a dress code; a shawl or sleeves required. There were even some gypsies outside the church selling shawls for people to wear, but I don't know about those gypsies ... I was worried I would be cursed by them so I just ignored them instead.

Did I tell you about the gypsies yet? Well, if I hadn't I will tell you now! Apparently there are gypsies in Spain, they stand out on the street and try to hand you a flower or a lavender sprig or just some plant sprig of some sort ... a normal person thinks nothing of this act. It looks like an act of kindness "awe how nice they want to give me a flower, etc" but I advise you of this, don't take it! I repeat don't take it! If you want to give them money for it than I suppose you can take it, but really I'm not paying for a sprig of something that I can pick myself. If you take this item, without paying, then they actually curse you and your family to some eternal hell or something along these lines ... a lifetime of bad luck or more! Hardcore right and just plain mean! All over a simple sprig! Craziness and so wrong, who does that?!

So after my two very full days, adding many, many more miles on my feet....it was time for me to board another bus Zaragoza bound! I was super excited to go to Zaragoza! This is the city where Alberto is from, I just knew this city was already going to be one of my favorites! Not sleeping much on that Tuesday night, I woke up super early Wednesday morning, got super cute (well as cute as I could in Spain with high humidity and crazy temperatures!) rode the metro to the bus station and I was on my way. I'm telling you I'm quite the skilled traveler! Goodbye Barcelona, it was a great 2 days!

Next stop: Zaragoza!

Besos! Go.Be.Love

Valencia and Vinaros

Weekend numero dos: Valencia and Vinaros

Un mapa: (Just expand out to see exactly where in the country they are!)



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My 2nd weekend in Spain was to travel to Valencia and Vinaros, very excited! Alberto worked that week and it takes him a couple hours or so to travel to Valencia, so the plan was for me to bus to Valencia and he would pick me up from there. Easier and less driving! I purchased my Valencia bus ticket a couple days prior, so Friday (day of travel) I was up early and rode the subway to catch the bus to Valencia. BTW, I rode the subway...otherwise called the Metro...everywhere! Not to brag, but I'm quite the expert now!

The bus ride was about 3-4 hours from Madrid to Valencia, by this point I was so used to traveling for hours around Spain, so it was no problem! I was equipped with my journal, IPOD, and Barnes & Noble Ereader....girl was set and then some! Mainly I would write in my journal and listen to my IPOD, I haven't kept a journal in years and I figured there was no better time then my hiatus to bring the journal writing back in effect.

There are 2 albums that I listened to non stop, 1 in particular spoke to me while I wandered around cities by myself and had countless hours to think and just "be". Its Miranda Lambert's "Revolution" CD....heart this CD in so many ways....so many songs really spoke to me and it really made my journey even more memorable. People always can find meaning in songs, and the meanings vary depending on your stage in life....so this stage of my life and her music really was healing for me.

The 2nd CD was Adele's "21" album...well...what to say about her besides the fact that she just rocks! Like Miranda's CD, some songs really just spoke to me! I know whenever I listen to these CD's now it will forever remind me of Spain and the many memorable moments I had.

I finally arrived in Valencia, checked in to my hotel, and quickly headed out to explore! Our first stop was the Palau de les Arts and L'hemisferic. It consisted of an Opera house and performing arts center, IMAX theatre, Planetarium, Gardens, and a Science Museo. Didn't enter any of them, mainly just walked around and was amazed by the buildings designed by Santiago Calatrava....amazing! My first view of these amazing buildings was around 6pm, still light outside....so we decided after eating later we would come back in hopes the whole area would be lit up and amazing. Side note, surrounding these buildings were pools of water about a couple feet deep....not for swimming...but to make the architecture look even more amazing!


As you can see...totally went back at night to capture the top left photo! :) Side note, that photo was taken by Alberto with my archaic camera.....he took some amazing pics himself, so when he gets done with the editing I will show you what he captured!


I referred to our feet constantly as "Jesus feet", mainly because we wore sandals and our feet were constantly dirty from all the miles we put on them! My little toes don't appear swollen in the picture, but I assure you they were very, very swollen! So swollen I couldn't even bend my toes it hurt so bad! Dang humidity! Who knew I'd swell up so much!?! Valencia also had a lot of amazing buildings, we walked all around, consumed more heladeria, and visited a local market where we had some fresh melon juice! I wish our grocery stores were more like the ones in Spain...fresh, fresh, fresh, and fresh some more! Jealous!


My overall thoughts on Valencia? Very cute! It isn't my favorite place in Spain, but they have beautiful beaches, an amazing market, and of course amazing historical buildings. I definitely would recommend Valencia as a must see if you visit Spain!! Be prepared to take no mercy on your feet while you are there!! Really, when you are traveling to such a beautiful place, you are constantly on the move...visiting amazing museos, churches, markets, beaches and more! I know at least for me the blisters were completely worth it! After spending some time in Valencia we headed back and piled back into Alberto's car and started the travel to Vinaros, where we would be staying at a super cute B & B called Casa Amamos. It is ran by a super nice couple from the Netherlands, and for once on my travels I got to do most of the talking during the accommodation experiences. Since Alberto is from Spain, and well speaks fluent Spanish, he would handle all the conversations at the hotels....but not this time...it was my turn to be able to "handle" things. When you can't handle things on your own as smoothly as you are used to, finally being able to is actually amazing! LOL! Awe the little things!! This location was picked because it was almost half way from Valencia and Barcelona, which I would be heading to on Sunday.

By far the Paella in Vinaros....DIVINE!! The best I had yet on my travels in Spain....and trust me....I tried a lot of paella in Madrid! Vinaros is a super small town, but super cute! (Definitely a hidden treasure town!) When you first get there it looks a little run down, but once you go further in the town you find that the locals are extremely friendly and the restaurants and shops are super cute! Plus they were on the coast so of course that meant lounging on the beach while we were there! Putting the bikini to some good use!

More on the B & B....so my room was the "ocean room"...I'm assuming that is the official name because it had sea shells everywhere! Not gonna lie, I was totally laughing about it, but really it was super adorable! They were very accommodating and so friendly, they also had about 6 chihuahuas in their home....very cute and very funny....made me miss my boys some! Alberto and I went out at night, walked around, passed street vendors all the while listening to DJ's playing music everywhere! (There were a couple spots along the water where DJ's were set up playing music for everyone to enjoy...uh...awesome! They weren't too shabby either!)

After some sangria and cervezas later, we headed back to our super cute B & B and called it a night....we needed to get up early the next day to make the most of the day before heading 3 hours to Barcelona. (give or take) The beach in Vinaros the next day was really nice....well maybe I should clarify that...the sunshine and the ocean was fabulous, the rocky beach not so much! Honestly, I could get past the rocky beach, I just imagined I was getting a hot stone massage and it made the experience so much better! Lol!

I loved just relaxing on the beach, with the amount of walking my feet had seen the last 9 days they were in need of a break! (BTW, my feet are still healing from the horrible blisters they obtained during my travels! garrr!) Sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing were my middle name for several hours and it was fabulous! I actually managed to get a tan on my travels, which for me is unheard of! Side thought, pretty much all the beaches in Spain are "topless" optional, and select beaches are full nude beaches. I wasn't brave enough to go topless, but if one of my girls fell out while changing sunbathing positions from front to back, I didn't really care! Normally I'm super careful to make sure my girls are in place before a position change is executed...but knowing that there were many woman around me (of many sizes and shapes) and they were letting their own girls hang out, makes you really not self conscious about such things! And for me to be relaxed about such a thing is a big deal...because you know me...I'm Miss conservative when it comes to my girls. You gotta at least buy me a cosmo before you get a sneak peek! Heehee totally kidding! It's actually 2 cosmos! :P

After roasting for several hours on the beach, we piled once again into the car and headed to my next stop: Barcelona! I would be in Barcelona completely by myself till Wednesday! After Barcelona, I would hop on a bus to visit Zaragoza till Friday! I know, I know...it's only a couple days away but a girl gets lonely in a big city! I need people to socialize and experience things with! I can manage quite well by myself, getting out and seeing the town, but I prefer some peeps with me! Even with that said, I think everyone at some point in their life needs to do a such a trip....it's just healthy for the soul!!

The drive went way too fast and before I knew it we had made it to Barcelona! Did you know Barcelona taxes the heck out of everything? No joke, just driving to Barcelona we had to pay at least 4 different toll spots! (Ranging from $4 euros to $14 euros) Sometimes those toll areas were maybe 20 minutes apart! Pure craziness I tell you! Really, Barcelona is an expensive city because they tax, tax, and tax some more! Finally arriving in Barcelona, we stopped to have lunch (Spain lunch = 4pm....I had almost eaten my arm off by then, I was hungry!) then Alberto had to leave me again to head back to Zaragoza where he had to work...boo work! He is such a good friend for me ... sniffle...sniffle...so to see him leaving me again was suuuupppperrrr sad! Dang jobs! Don't they always just get in the way!

Next post: Barcelona! Stayed tuned!!

Besos! Go.Be.Love


Awe Madrid...the city of hot guys...I mean the city of fabulous shopping, sites, and fabulous history and culture! After my amazing first weekend it was time for me to head to Madrid, and for Alberto to go back to Zaragoza for his busy work week. I didn't have long by myself in Madrid before my other friend, Daniel, flew in. I stayed in a very centralized location, Hostal Jerez, on Montera Blvd...or as I so kindly referred to on my travels as "prostitute blvd". Mainly due to the many prostitutes that lined this particular street, I'd like to think the prostitutes and I had a friendly understanding by the time I left; keep to yourself and I'll keep to myself! :P It also helped that I walked around Spain with confidence, as if I belonged....it worked because people did not know I was a tourist. They would immediately speak to me in Spanish, then when they quickly figured I spoke English, they then assumed I was from England. Kinda worked in my favor....American's sometimes aren't fondly looked at. Not just in Spain but all over the world...hmm, maybe it's the poor representation on reality TV....or the closed mind ignorance of our politicians....or the hypocrites....ooops sorry...mini tangent!!

So first let me explain a couple things on the differences between staying in a Hostal versus Hostel...I'm sure you all have seen this movie and perhaps it popped into your head when I told you where I stayed, "Hostel". Frankly I'm not gonna lie...I thought the same thing! In a Hostal you are able to have your own bedroom and bathroom, versus a hostel is usually a multi-bed sharing room with a sharing bathroom. Hostels' are not for me, works for some, but I prefer more privacy in a Hostal. Plus both types of accommodations are crazy cheaper than staying in a hotel. The Hostal Jerez I stayed in during my Madrid stay, was very clean, family run, and they still did all the housekeeping services that a hotel would normally do.

I didn't see as many tourist sites in Madrid as I did in Barcelona, in Madrid I had preferred to wander everywhere, exploring all the alleys and side streets....and a Museo every now and then. It was so nice when Daniel came into town, I was a little nervous being completely by myself for the first time. I've never experienced a trip like this in my life, so being in a foreign country where my Spanish is practically non existent was a bit intimidating. I did experience the "culture shock" when I was alone, it really does exist people! Nothing like a mini-cry session in the Museo Prado won't cure! There was also some emotional baggage still hanging on from the divorce happenings before I left...something you don't know is that with some emotional stress you tend to have just random moments where you just need to cry and let it out! So I did! I've decided that if I want to cry, I cry. When I get angry, I get angry. I've really embraced all emotions; good and sometimes embarrassing, and it is what it is! So I'm sure my culture shock combined with the divorce is what led to the mini cry session....which I'm okay with! I think that the people at the Museo must have thought I really enjoyed the art! Lol!

So my list of favorites in Madrid:

Museo Prado
Palacio Real
Plaza Mayor
Parque del Buen Retiro
La Bardemcilla - numtastic!!
Food :P

So as you can see, I didn't see many sites, but I really saw a lot of Madrid! Daniel and I put some serious miles on our feet! Our days were filled with enjoying the locals, mid day drinking, multiple stops at a Heladoria, and tapas! Madrid is a very busy and big city! Loved Madrid, but honestly I'm not a big city kind of girl. It was too busy and chaotic for me, if you love the city and love to shop than you'd love Madrid. I had done a lot of my shopping before my travels, so I didn't really do any shopping because I didn't need anything.


Spain has the most amazing buildings, castles, and churches. Everything about Spain is completely different than here, and perhaps that's why I loved it so much! The castle above is the Palacio Real, we weren't able to go into it at the time, but I did get to enjoy it's beauty from outside. That night had not only beautiful weather, but there just happened to be an amazing orchestra performing in front of the Palacio! Come on! A symphony right in front...can it get any better!?


One of my favorite places to eat was La Bardemcilla, the Bardemcilla may look familiar to you because its the family restaurant of Javier Bardem. He is a famous actor, and he is also married to Penelope Cruz! Cuteness! Amazing food....let...me...repeat...amazing food! Everything from the Sangria to the pasta dish was divine! So much flavor! Daniel and I probably stayed there for 2 hours relaxing, eating and drinking Sangria. We actually closed down the place, yep that's how we do it Spain! Something fun the restaurant had was the bathroom walls were painted with chalk paint, chalk provided of course, so you could write a little something on them. So of course I had to represent and put my blog "Go.Be.Love", leaving a little bit of me behind wherever I go! Also, the bottom right photo is a camp still around from the Spanish Revolution....read up on it! Still a big deal, actually a huge deal!! It was located at the bottom of Montera Blvd where I stayed...kinda cool.


In between my Sangria "testing"...lol...I did stop to enjoy a cerveza here and there. I purchased a beer called Mahou at a small little shop ran by someone's grandpa, he was so sweet! Well with my limited Spanish, I had attempted (with Daniel's help of course!) to ask if drinking beer on the street was legal, he responded with an "Of course!". So I drank my cerveza on the street, only to later find a sign saying that drinking beer on the street was prohibited, lol oopsey! Really, what's the worst that could have happened? An extremely hot Spaniard policia coming to tell me I couldn't drink on the streets, and if he just happened to want to handcuff me and take me back to my Hostal where we would break all sorts of laws ... oops sorry daydream sidetrack!


Another favorite, the above Tapa Bar! Visited here a couple times because the drinks were super yumtastic and the tapas were equally delicious!! Of course that cute bartender in the background was the added bonus!! My favorite drink there, shockingly not the Sangria, but the Mojito! Remember, when ordering drinks in Spain they come with free Tapas....so don't order anything additional unless you are super hungry!!


Now for the shocker, because I've had to say this to multiple peeps, Mexican food does not originate from Spain so there really is no Mexican food in Spain. Spaniards are more along a Mediterranean diet with fresh goodness, and depending on the region it can change. Daniel and I stumbled upon the above Mexican restaurant in Spain, and really it was the only one we found! Its not like Washington where there are just as many Mexican restaurants as there are Starbucks, but we found one and had to eat there! And how did it taste? Eh, it was okay. Daniel and I shared the fajitas which tasted similar to chicken terriyaki....I think if you wanted to start your own business in Spain you'd make a killing, especially in the food industry! Even cupcake shops, in all my wandering around the different cities the only cupcake shop I found was in Barcelona, and just like the Mexican food it was only okay!

My nights were usually spent at the Hostal Jerez, mainly because I didn't feel particular comfortable walking around late at night in Madrid....really it's not just Madrid, I don't anywhere unless I have someone with me. So my nightly routine was me lounging in the lounge of Hostal Jerez, kicking my sandals off, propping my swollen feet on the couch, drinking multiple cerveza's, reading or chatting it up with Carlos. (He was the night shift employee) I can never fall asleep before 2am, so it was necessary to have some socialization versus being stuck in my room bored....not fun! Carlos and I quickly became buddies by the end of my stay in Madrid. In fact, he bought me most of my beers because I provided him with nightly entertainment and he provided me with the much needed socialization! Lol! We were quite the pair!! Another reason why Hostal's are great, they are smaller and you get to know the staff really well!

So my thoughts on Madrid, nice to visit but couldn't live there. Too busy for me, I prefer a more laid back city....nice to visit, shop, and eat but after a week I was ready to venture somewhere else!

That's all for now peeps, stay tuned for more Spain posts.....Besos!


PS - Sorry for the horrible sizing on the photos...still trying to figure out PhotoBucket better! Grr!