Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So this one time I went to Trinity with some friends ... yes I have a few ... but only the few I can stand! :) It was a glorious night, the Friday after my last final was over with.   My only goal that night was to shake my bootey off, obtain at least one blister, hopefully get inappropriately groped, and get my drink on!  Just kidding about the blister btw ... nobody likes those .. everything else is completely appropriate!    :P Celebration of my first quarter of nursing school completion was a must and it was going down that night!  Woot Woot!

Trinity has a professional photographer that goes around snapping black mail ... I mean beautiful photographs of all the drunkards.  My friends and I just happened to be in two!  I will admit I have a history with the photographer ... and by history I mean he loves me.  He doesn't know my name but he loves me.  Yes, I'm that good.  :)  My last outing to Trinity, he followed myself and my bestie around taking a multitude of photos of us ... we're photogenic what can I say? Lol!

I thought I'd show off the photos he took because well ... they are kinda something in the middle of being awesome and super awesome.  I'm available for autographs ... just saying.



The group one is my favorite, I feel like it's an advertisement for The Breakfast Club or perhaps Friends.  Mah-valous wouldn't you agree?

Besos!  Go.Be.Love

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lola's And The Bestie

So today was a fabulous day!!  Why you ask?  Well I shall tell!  My day started out spending it with one of my oldest bestie, Sheree.  (not by age ... but by how long we've been friends ... hmm wholly craptasticness ... I think its been like 23 years!! Really? Sheree is this right?)  Heart that girl!  We went out to breakfast at a very yummy restaurant named Lola.  I definitely recommend this place!  Everything on my plate was tasty ... I shoveled ... I mean ate my food in the most ladylike way.  May I recommend the Greek breakfast (mine) or the Eggs Benedict (Sheree's).  We even had some fresh donuts to enjoy before our breakfast ... reminded me of my Spain homeland!  Before you proceed to my breakfast pics ... keep your face away from the keyboard ... you know so you don't drool on it :)


After our uh-mazing breakfast we took a stroll ... remind you our belly's are full ... to The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.  As if I couldn't possibly get any fuller I needed to add a little cupcake goodness to feed my food baby.  This cupcake shop is by far my favorite out of all the cupcake shops in Seattle ... yes I have been to many ... duh.  I partook in a caramel macchiato cupcake and bought a pancake and bacon cupcake to go ... for my man friend, Tyler.  He loves bacon what can I say? Lol!


Isnt it the cutest?! So cute!!  After many hours of fabulous conversation we said our goodbyes ... sniffle ... and I was heading to Auburn to meet up with another pal, Tammi.  I had a date with "Breaking Dawn".  If you don't know what "Breaking Dawn" is I'm shocked .... SHOCKED!  One word:  "Twilight"  Now do you know?  I know, I know usually I'm the crazy woman in her 30's waiting in line with all the teenagers on opening night when the new "Twilight" movies come out.  Unfortunately for me I had a little thing called nursing school getting in my way.  So I had to wait.  Yes, wait.  DISLIKE.

My review of this movie?  Flippin fantastic!  Every time a new movie in the series comes out it gets better and better.  Thank goodness!  I cannot wait for the final one to come out next year ... eek!!  :)  Not gonna lie ... makes me want to read the series for the 4th ... lol ... who am I kidding 5th time.  Don't judge.

Sigh, such a full and amazing day!  I hope you had an amazing day too!  Till next time!

Besos!  Go.Be.Love

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free At Last

Free at last, free at last, thank gawd almighty I'm free at last! Woot woot!! First quarter of nursing school is officially over and winter break has officially begun. I am filling my calendar fast ... translation? Call me!! Lol!

I can say this quarter was intense and it's only the beginning. It's hard to wrap my head around that it is only going to get harder from here on out but ... I ... can ... do ... this! One thing I've gained from this first quarter of nursing school? Weight...bloody weight...yes readers the freshman 15 does really exist and it just so happened to take 4 years of college for mine to hit. Dang nursing school stress! Oh ... and guarantee I will be working out like a crazy person this break. Yes, CRAZY person! You know how I am.

Hmm, changes in my life? You betcha! I've decided to move out of my bffl's house early. Why? Well in April it would be a year that I have been living with them, a year! Can you believe it! They need their space and I need mine. Nursing school is tough and my bffl deserves her office back ... now I have the time to move whereas in April I will be in the thick of nursing school and can't even fathom the thought of moving! Ick! I hate moving!

Moving this time scares me and excites me at the same time. I feel like I'm ready yet also feel like I'm leaving the nest for the first time! Lol! Erin and her family have been such an amazing and strong support system for me that I am sad to leave. It's time and I of course will see them again but ... sniffle ... sniffle ... it's still a bitter sweet moment for me.

So where the heck am I moving to? Good question! I have two, yes two options. First option is to move in with my friend, Skip. He just bought a house in Buckley and offered up a room. But it's in Buckley, and like Enumclaw, far away from everything and everyone! Second option is to find a one bedroom apartment. Second option is more expensive than living with Skip, so the savings account will be depleted very quickly, but there's something to say about having your own space. I also worry about my dogs being alone all day, especially next quarter I will be gone for even more. My boys have been spoiled with constant lovins at Erin's house so it'll be an adjustment for them. There is also the whole "apartment living" issue ... being a single woman living alone is a little scary. Especially since what I can afford isn't in the greatest areas. Ugh decisions, decisions. I will let you know what I decide!

I've attached some random pics taken in the last few months ... enjoy them in no particular order! (The black and white one is crazy looking, yet I really like it! Thanks Kim!)

Besos!  Go.Be.Love


Thursday, December 1, 2011

6 days

That's right...6 days until I'm free! FREE! Did I mention I will be FREE! From nursing school that is! Two tests in the way of freedom...which I will spank and take their names BTW. Sigh...wish me luck on those last finals!

I remember back in the summer I was actually a little bored before nursing school started, I look back with such longing now. Awe the good ole days! :) School has been good ... I don't worry so much about what grade I'm getting ... I only worry about passing and not killing anyone. Which are two very important goals wouldn't you agree? I think of how busy I was, and it's only quarter one...the upcoming ones are about to get busier. Not too sure how it is possible, guess I will find out shortly!

My clinicals have been an experience ... I know that in my nursing career I will be faced with all sorts of fluids ... you know like urine, feces, emesis (fancy word for vomit) blood, and more. However, this nursing student does not prefer feces, emesis, or urine. If I gotta deal with it then I'm ready ... I can take it ... however not my preference....oh and I also don't like super dry flaky skin. Brrrfff.... that's the sound of me vomiting in my mouth a little bit. Flashback to flaky skin earlier this week ... quick change of subject...

However, what I do really like is endoscopy! I got to watch this cool procedure last week....awesome!! It's a peg tube insertion....you should watch it! :) Maybe I will work there someday! We'll see!

Well followers that's all I've got for tonight, I'm super tired! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Oh I will blog about mine soon! In 6 days to be exact!