Sunday, November 13, 2011

Adele and Updates

Okay so seriously I cannot get enough of her! I've been a huge fan since her first album 19 arrived...and she is my go to girl for when I want to drink wine and chill ... awe heck who am I kidding...I will listen to her whenever! However, tonight is the night before my pharmacology test and I'm overwhelmed at 11:03 p.m. I've thrown in the towel, grabbed a glass of wine (ok several), and turned on Adele. Sigh!

So it's blog confessional time ... it's been awhile, sorry followers! Nursing school is CRAZY ... did I mention it's CRAZY!? It's only the first quarter and I'm looking at the road ahead and wondering am I crazy? This is by far the hardest thing I've ever done! Sigh.

I'm in a constant state of anxiety and freaked about if I will make it to quarter #2! This program is tough ... hats off to all the nurses out there because it's not an easy road! If you know a nurse ... hug them :)

Okay enough of my student freak out....back to Adele. Here are my favorites right now:

All of her songs get me, but this one especially....

Someone Like You

And this one, performace from Glee and its A M A Z I N G!!


Sigh...heart her!! Hmm, what else can I tell you about my "June" happenings? Well maybe I will make a list ... yes I think I should ... I'm good at those! Lol!

#1: Divorce is final ... yes it's bittersweet for sure. When I received my paperwork from the judge I wasn't sure if I was to celebrate or cry ... in fact I did a little bit of both. Divorce is a crazy thing, I know in my heart I made the right decision but it still stings a little bit.

Divorce situation ... it's a sticky beast and am looking forward to putting it behind me. Nursing school has definitely been the hardest thing I've ever done, but a divorce? Lordy ... that's the most emotionally challenging thing I've ever dealt with. I've felt a little bi-polar throughout it all but I see the light FINALLY at the end of the tunnel and it's nice :)

Ian is moving on and has a new girlfriend ... and she has a baby! Gasp...a baby! Seriously ?!? In a way it makes me laugh and cry at the same time. How many years did I take his guilt trips and negativity towards having a family, well flat out verbal lashings...then he dates someone with a baby...shank me now! When I discovered this I'm not gonna lie...it really hurt. However, I'm glad he has moved on. He needs too, and maybe it took me leaving to realize what he wants in his life.

I have to say that this divorce has made me stronger. I'm able to breath again. I'm back to my old self...and I've missed her.

#2: Any new boy stories? Lol you betcha! When I'm asked "June, how is your love life?" well my new response is "Always have one" ... lol we'll need a drink to talk about those happenings! Sorry blog followers, some dirt is better in person :P

#3: I miss my Spaniard ... sigh...alot! Yes ... by Spaniard I mean my friend Alberto. I never really thought I could miss someone as much as I miss that boy! He just gets me! Plus with being so busy in nursing school, and his own family struggles, our weekly Skype sessions are very diminished and it makes it really hard. Sigh.

I love that my future is finally anything that I want it to be; it's exciting and terrifying all in one! So stay tuned because I'm sure there will be many entertaining things ... and perhaps maybe not so entertaining things to read about my future happenings.