Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And It Begins

Nursing school that is! My first official day was on Monday, Sept 19th! Eek! Can you believe that it is here already? I have to admit, so far so good! I'm sure its a ploy from the program, make you think its not so shabby then torture you the remainder of the year! 2 days in and I already have 4 chapters to read, a long list of vocab to memorize and an essay due! Fun incoming!

So today is the day I will do most of it and then at 3pm I have a interview for a nursing assistant position here in Enumclaw. Not super excited for the job, but its a job and it'd be nice to have a little fundage, especially since I will be having my own place soon.

I will let you know how it goes! Back to the books for now!! Besos!!

PS. I got to make out all day in class yesterday! Granted they were dummies, and it was so I could be CPR certified....but still I got a little action from some rubber men and it's the most action this girl has seen in awhile! Can you tell I'm in need of some lovin? :P Lol!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Up The Creek With A Paddle!

Okay it wasn't really a creek, it was Lake Union and at some point we were going against the current ... so it kinda works? :P So I tried paddle boarding for the first time yesterday and all I have to say is it was SOOOOO much fun! Hold on, let me repeat myself....SOOOOO much fun! Times like that are when I wish I lived somewhere warm and sunny all the time within walking distance to a nearby lake or ocean. Seriously this is one hobby that I would love to do every day!

Kristen flew in town from San Diego so we spent the whole day in Seattle, just relaxing and having a blast! I love that Kristen loves to be active because usually we will always partake in some sort of activity when she is home! We had Thai food at Jai Thai, drank at Brouwer's Cafe, went paddle boarding and even indulged in some local organic chocolate. In so many words, the day was heavenly! Mmm chocolate!

Have you ever had the chocolate at Theo chocolates in the Fremont area? Heaven!! They had the most creative and unique flavor chocolate I've tasted! The best part? It's the only organic, and free trade chocolate factory in the US...which makes it awesometastic for my taste pallet!


Brouwer's Cafe, home of many, many, many different brews to enjoy! Yum!


Jai Thai ... ok so here is where the "foodie" in me comes out, apparently they have a great reputation for the best Thai food in Seattle. Maybe it was the dishes that Kristen and I had, but they were very similar and only "okay". I had the Country Curry and Kristen had the Phad Phak. I am always open to giving places another chance, especially because what we had was good it just wasn't what we were expecting. The Country Curry, I assumed would be thick and heavy like normal curry dishes but it was a lot different...soupish. You know how it is when you have a craving and an idea on how a dish should be then you get it and its completely different? Yep my experience.


Next up, the hobby that heals my soul ... paddle boarding!! $15 for one hour at Northwest Outdoor Center, can't beat that!


Hope you've been enjoying the sunshine as much as I have been!

Besos! Go.Be.Love

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So my little joy, Kosta, turned 5 in August! Eeek! 5 years old already ... where did the time go? Seriously my ovaries ache over this fact and I'm just his Aunt, imagine how Anna feels! Not to mention he starts kindergarten on Thursday and don't even get me started on that little fact! Sigh ... my joy is growing up!

Some photo memories from the day! Enjoy!


Mmmm, cake ....


Besos! Go.Be.Love