Friday, April 27, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know - Pentatonix (Gotye cover)

Aren't the amazing?  I think I love it way more than the radio version ... what do you think?

Sigh ... uh-mahzing!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm 200 Pounds Lighter!

That's right 200 pounds!  Granted ... it was on someone else's body ... but what ev I still lost it!  Ok ... ok ... I can sense you are confused so let me enlighten your eye's delight!  One hint, it starts with a big fat "D" ... divorce!  Divorce is long gone, everything is FINALLY separated, my name has been officially changed and ... kicker I've finally stood up for myself!  You can sit down for that, I know it's a lot to take in.  When I say "stood up" I mean stood up for myself against the "ex" ... he has tried to break me with his hatred and anger numerous times but it no longer works.  I have a voice and I'm not afraid to use it.

Yes, that has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders by doing that ... crazy!  I feel like I am able to move forward in my life and enter in my new relationship with everything I have.  I took me a whole year to get my strength and June power back, but she is back!  I love it, and oh how I've missed her!  I definitely feel I went through all those lovely stages of divorce grievings and as much as it was part of the process, I'm so glad it's over because man that sucked!  (Not that I'm saying something may not surface in the future ... but I'm so much stronger where I can handle it!)

Its amazing to me how being out of a negative situation for over a year, I can look back at all the verbal lashings, and think how the heck did I put up with that for 11 years?  It's insane!  I promise I won't bash because this post is all about me ... me ... ME! 

I am truly happy in my life at this very moment!  SIGH ... INHALE...SMILE ... heehee that's me right now!  I honestly never thought I'd be at this point but I'm truly happy with the path I've taken.  It's been a struggle but I feel stronger inside than I ever have, and I feel I truly know myself and what I'm capable of! 

A bonus to finally being happy with who I am?  I get to share this happiness with someone who adds to my happiness!  Meet the man, Tyler. 

I've never been so happy with someone before ... even with "the ex" .... as crazy as that sounds.  Young and dumb ... nuff said.  This man right here has my heart and it's the weirdest feeling ever ... and yet as happy as it makes me it scares the death out of me!   I feel like it's too good to be true, and a part of me is just waiting for it too be taken away.  (I hope not! Eek!)   Its nice taking things slow ... we've only been together for 6 months ... but we adore and relish every moment.  I'd say it's been a great start!  Cheers to new beginnings and happiness!

Tell me ... what's made you happy today?

Besos!  XOXO

Go. Be. Love

Sometimes I Bake

Yes it's true ... I know you probably think I've forgotten how because well ... I haven't in ages!  However, tonight I'm baking me some bread!  My bakeless days are over!  So to begin my domesticated life that I've missed ever so much, I've decided to make whole wheat/garlic/jalepeno cheese bread ... did your mouth drool a little bit reading that?  Because mine sure did! :P

My old high school pal kept posting all over FaceBook bread pictures ... and really who can resist some delicious carbs?  So I emailed her for the recipe, in turn she gave me this little gem of a blog:  "Simply So Good"  This chica-boom-boom makes a bomb bread with only 4 little ingredients; flour, yeast, salt, and water.  Of course with that base started, you can realistically add anything to the mixture your carb loving heart desires!!

I have it sitting on my counter as I type this little blog post, and in 12 to 18 hours I'm gonna flop it's fat dough belly on my counter, slather some flour on it and bake it in my new cast iron pot!  Is it a little sad how excited I get about this?  Lol ... you can obviously tell I've been consumed by nursing school way too long!  I'll post another post with the taste results of this experiment, cross your fingers it's amazing! (Otherwise it sure is a lot of time to wait for crappy bread!)
So for your eye delight ... me ... with dough!  Calm down ... I know my sexiness is out of control in this picture!