Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh hey ... I'm a RN ... NBD

"Gee June, how are you doing?"  "Oh you know just being a badass RN is all."  :)  After many,many,many, many years of studying and planning the day has arrived!  I can not tell you how ecstatic it feels to be finally finished; its a tad bit surreal still and I'm sure it will remain that way for quite a  long time.  Don't you just love how that rolls off your tongue? June the RN.  Its practically superhero-ish if you ask me!  The only thing lacking is my cape ... but I'm sure with all this free time I have now there will be one in tow very soon!

Our graduation was magical, yes ... magical.  I was on the planning committee with three other fabu ladies and spent an ungodly amount of time planning, just to make it in indeed magical for all of our classmates.  We had a number of classmates that have NEVER had a graduation before and for many this degree was the first ever in their families.  As you can imagine, we set out to make this a time everyone would remember and be proud of.  

This graduating class is truly special and I feel like I really lucked out by joining such a sweet and supportive group of people.  My only regret?  That I wasn't in their program the entire two years.  I will truly miss every single one of them!  I'm sure we will always be in touch, we've grown so much together!  Please enjoy my pictures from graduation!  It was a classy night indeed! :)  PS at the very end of this post I've added the slideshows I made for the ceremony!  They literally took me a gazillion hours to make ... the perfectionist in me had a hay day!  Enjoy!!

Our "fun" video capturing the last two years for many... and for me the last year!

Lastly, this one is a big long but it was the most emotional for everyone  in attendance.  Instead of your typical reading of the graduating student names; I put a slideshow together that incorporated each students personal "thank you".  While each student stood to walk up and obtain their pin, the personal "thank you" statement was playing in the background.  Sigh ... I'm getting sentimental just looking at all these pics again and videos from that night .... will somebody get this girl a tissue and nutella ... stat! :P

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