Monday, March 3, 2014

2 more days...

Holy crap!  Can you believe I only have 2 more days left of my preceptorship? Seriously, where did the time go?  It literally seems like yesterday I started ... and here I am almost completing it!  At the very beginning of my rotation I did not think I would survive ... luckily I did :)

Working on this medical-surgical pediatric unit has been absolutely wonderful.  The staff is super supportive and show great patience with my inexperience nursing student self! I have been working 13 hour days which leaves me just enough time to come home, shower the ickies off, eat, read for 30 minutes before I have to go to bed and start all over again at 5 am!  This unit definitely kicks your bootey!  These nurses are the nurses that all of those quotes talk about; long shifts, missing breaks, mandatory overtime, etc.  I can definitely say I have even  more respect for this group of ladies and men!  I will add that there are lots of ladies who are preggers on this unit and I seriously have no idea how they are surviving!   Makes me shudder to think that soon I will be in there shoes and if I'm barely surviving now ... lol lordy help me!  I can say working this preceptorship has cemented that babies and pediatrics is where I need to be in my future nursing career wherever that may take me.  Fingers crossed I land an amazing job doing just that! :)

On another note, I graduate in 17 days!  What what!  Now this news literally is such a trip and surreal all at the same time!  I set out 7 years ago taking one pre-requisite class at a time because I had this dream that I wanted to be a Registered Nurse.  Well ladies and gents in 17 days I have accomplished the biggest goal I have ever set for myself and it feels UH-MAHZING!!

Did I mention on my last post that I am on the pinning committee for our graduating class?  If I did ... well excuse this absent mind :) If not well .... let me just tell you ... our graduation night will be fabulous all because of myself and three other fabulous ladies. We are coordinating an event to remember.    When I say event, I mean EVENT.  We are in charge of finding a venue, catering, decorations, speeches, designing the coveted nursing pin, slideshows, designing invitations/programs, and more!  (Which our class has to fund ... on a nursing students budget!)  It truly will be an event remembered forever by not only our classmates, but the family and faculty that will be our honored guests.  I have devoted over 50 hours to this night, and my other gals on the pinning committee have also dedicated that same amount of time.  I will definitely be posting pictures of the night when it comes!  So for now .... you'll just have to wait because I'm not giving up any of the juicy details of this night! :)

Well, back to some NCLEX studying!  Hope all is wonderful in your world!


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