Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Adults Blow

Yes most of my posts are all fluffy, kittens, rainbows, and sunshine.  However, today I'm reflecting on relationships.  I've had to make many changes with relationships in my adult life; mostly when it has become toxic or one sided.  I know that relationships morph, some for the good and some for the bad, and as you know I'm a bit of a sentimental sap, so when my relationships begin to change it saddens me. Mainly when close relationships aren't as close anymore; my feelings get hurt and yet I find myself reaching out more just to try to fix them to no avail.  I feel like I'm constantly re-evaluating my relationships, stepping away when it becomes unhealthy, and stepping closer when its full of love and happiness.

Being an adult kind of blows sometimes.  Anyone else share these same sentiments?  Someone gave me really good advice recently and it has stuck with me and has helped me feel less "hurt".  There are times in our life where what someone gives in a relationship is ALL that they can give, AT THAT TIME.  You know how you can hear something over and over, yet at that one particular moment, at that one particular time ... you finally GET IT?  Lol, as Oprah would say ... your "ah-ha" moment.  Yea that shit's legit and really happens.

I began to think about that jeweled advice and reflect back on my past challenges; especially when it took moving a mountain to get my ass out of bed.  I can only imagine how selfish I may have appeared, with good reason, but yet still selfish ... in the sense of all I could do was take.  I had nothing left in me to give; I was broken, depressed, and trying desperately to claw my way out of that period.  All I could do was TAKE. My only hope is that the ones in my life understood that advice and didn't feel used or abandoned in my process of healing.

So today, I'm reflecting on this "hurt" that I am feeling with my relationships that are changing.  What they give is all they can give at this moment, and I only hope one day they can give more because I love everyone who has been in my life and those relationships mean the world to me.  We've shared moments of sadness, happiness, tears of joy, and bonding that will never be forgotten.  Since I received such great advice to help me hurt a little less, I feel I must also share some advice to you.  Sometimes we get really wrapped up in our busy lives and its important to not forget those who also love to be a part of that life.  Take a minute to call, text, or invite over.  You would be amazed just how awesome that makes them feel <3

Besos!  Go.Be.Love


  1. I feel ya, sorry for your heartache. With its ups and downs, we learn a lot from our relationships and it can make us better people. My relationship with pain (which isn't a person but I think this counts) has never been enjoyable, but pain teaches us more than any other feeling I can think of, additionally, we find more joy in everyday life when we've emerged from pain stronger, and more aware. Those who have endured greater pain show more empathy to others, and treat them better. Good luck in your search for a great companion!

    1. Hey Robbit! Thanks for reading my blog and responding :). For me this post was more about my family and friend relationships. I always get a little sad when my relationships grow apart and I'm never quite sure how to handle it ... So I write :). The man and I are doing really well. It's been nice finding someone who shares the same path with me and desires the same future. Btw did I see something about you expanding your family?